Winter Vehicle Traction Options

Vehicle traction is critical regardless of the time of year. It's particularly important, however, during the cold winter months in Denver, CO. If you want to enjoy the benefits of optimal vehicle traction, you should make a point to review all of your available options carefully.

Many drivers depend on sodium chloride rock salt, sand and cat litter. These choices all offer their own distinctive perks. If you want to feel confident behind the wheel, you need to make sure to understand them all in significant detail. We can help!

Salt has the ability to melt ice, unlike kitty litter and sand. However, it can also be super corrosive to the bottom of your vehicle. Wash it off as soon as possible to avoid preventable damage. Sand is highly affordable. It cannot melt ice, but it gives you extra grip as you work to move your vehicle in the snow or ice.

Cat litter, last but not least, isn't able to melt ice. It offers traction on top of snow and ice, though. Most modern cat litters of the non-clumping variety consist of clay. Try this method to give you more traction on snowy driveways!

If you want to feel good about your vehicle traction choice, we're an automotive dealership that can give you helpful advice. Stop by our dealership in Denver now.

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