Keep Your Gas Tank Full to Avoid Winter Pitfalls

We have officially entered the winter months, and with temperatures continuing to drop, it is even more important for you to keep your gas tank full. Many drivers do not realize it, but having an empty gas tank can lead to damage in the fuel lines, fuel pump, or even the ignition system.

This is caused by having more space available for air in the tank due to the low fuel level. When that happens in these low temperatures, it can cause condensation. The condensation can build up and drip, working its way to your fuel lines. It can then eventually freeze and create a very bad situation for your fuel system.

Frozen fuel lines means that your car, truck, or SUV isn't going anywhere any time soon. If you are concerned about this or any other issue with your vehicle this winter, then feel free to bring it to the experts in our service department here at Mercedes-Benz of Denver for a check-up.

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