Visit the Hometown of Mercedes-Benz with Your New Car Purchase or Lease

Yes, you can take advantage of the Mercedes-Benz European Delivery program at the start of your lease! The delivery program is a fantastic way to see Europe and enjoy your new car in its native habitat.

Receive your new Mercedes-Benz right at the factory, and then enjoy a tour of the facility. It’s fascinating to watch the skilled technicians and incredible robots in action. Wander through the Mercedes-Benz Museum and discover the brand’s history and older models. Then venture forth into Germany, exploring castles or charming villages or sophisticated cities.

Feel free to make your way outside of Germany, too- you can drive to Belgium or France or all the way to Spain if you have the time. You’ll just drop off your new car at a designated location at the end of your trip, and it will safely arrive at our showroom in Denver.

This delivery program waives the destination fee and can yield up to 7% off the total MSRP of certain new vehicles. If you’re interested in this opportunity, please be in touch and we can elaborate on everything that’s included.

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