Narrate Your Own Mercedes-Benz Story

People have a need for stories. We interpret the narrative of global civilization through a story-telling lens, allowing us to understand everything from science to cultural tradition. Our favorite way to teach kids the theory of gravity is with a story about a man and an apple tree. So it’s no surprise that people love good car stories.

Amy Shore takes great photos, and we think part of her success is due to her focus on the story. A car really doesn’t mean much without its person. The owner can tell you about the road trips, the restorations, the thunderstorms weathered, and more.

We might be just around the corner from a future that includes autonomous cars, but we’re confident that we’ll never see the end of car racing and car enthusiasm. For a lot of us, a car is more than just a means to get from A to B, and it’s that intangible beauty that Shore somehow manages to capture in her images.

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