The Futuristic Features of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan Are Available in Denver Now

In our last post we took a look at the history of Mercedes-Benz technology and the trajectory of its future. Lest we overlook the present, we want to discuss a model that's currently available: the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan.

The E-Class models are rich with features that seem ahead of their time. That's because they are.

With the Mercedes-Benz Car-to-X technology, your E-Class can talk to other Mercedes-Benz cars. They can share tips about upcoming hazards, accidents, and traffic jams. With DRIVE PILOT, the E-Class sedan's cruise control can modulate its speed even in stop-and-go traffic and it can help you stay in your lane.

The E-Class is available with evasive steering assist, front-collision mitigation, and more. It can even lessen the impact of hearing damage from a loud collision.

Ready to test drive what is arguably the most technologically advanced car on the road today? Visit Mercedes-Benz of Denver and try out a new E-Class sedan.