Mercedes-Benz: a History of Technological Advancement

Mercedes-Benz doesn't sit back and watch the world go by. Although you'll be able to do just that when the Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion concept vehicle becomes a reality.

Always at the forefront of innovative automotive development, Mercedes-Benz is making great strides in building a fully autonomous production car. The future isn't far away.

The F 015 Luxury in Motion concept is everything its name promises. You can drive it yourself if you like, or you can turn around to enjoy conversation with your family and friends. Read the newspaper on your way to work or discuss the presentation on the way to a client meeting.

The F 015 Luxury in Motion features a cabin that's more like a high-tech lounge. The floor is a beautiful walnut wood, and the seats are upholstered in gorgeous white nappa leather. Display screens are all around, and their possibilities seem endless. View entertainment, information, and more, with eye-tracking and hand-gesture technology.

Would you spend more time driving this new Mercedes-Benz around Denver or would you prefer to let it chauffeur you around?

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