Today's drivers are faced with hazards on the roads, especially now that more people have access to personal transportation and roads are constantly being improved. The following are benefits will drive you towards acquiring a GAP Insurance policy for your new Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

It can be paid in different ways

First, you can get this insurance either with an auto insurance company or at the dealership. Payments can also be made on a monthly basis. This is because GAP is incorporated in your auto loan. You can also ask for any refunds from a dealership. Get more on this by visiting Mercedes-Benz of Denver.

Covers a wider financial gap

It covers both new and old vehicles as well as some deductibles. You can access it if you can a down payment of less than 20 percent. Being able to finance a car loan beyond 60 months and rolling a past car loan into a new one grants you this insurance.

Has one sole purpose

GAP insurance helps when your car is totaled. It doesn’t pay the loan if you lose your job or make some repairs for your vehicles. You can visit our auto finance department in Denver, CO with any questions.

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