With their deep heritage of success in the world of high-performance motoring, it’s no surprise that Mercedes-Benz has been breaking records for generations. That racing pedigree has bled into their production lineup for decades, and the latest example of Mercedes-Benz excellence has just broken yet another record. This time the record in question is the Car and Driver Lightning Lap, where the Mercedes-AMG GT63s has taken the four-door crown.

What is the Lightning Lap?

Tucked into the hills of Virginia is a 4.1-mile road course that twists its way through the Virginia countryside. With fast sweepers, hard braking zones, a massively long straightaway, and a series of cascading low and medium-speed corners, this track is a great test of a vehicles all-around performance.

A New Record for Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-AMG GT63s tackled this technical course in just 2:49.3, shattering the previous four-door record by nearly five seconds, held by the BMW M5 Competition. Overall, the GT63s is the 26th fastest out of a total 259 vehicles that have taken part in the challenge, and has dusted several two-door sports cars along the way. When you think about a four-door sedan being quicker than a Nissan GT-R NISMO, Camaro ZL1, and most notably, Ferrari 458 Italia, you know you’re in some good company toward the top of the time sheet.

How is the GT63s So Fast?

On paper, the 4,628-pound beast should be a dog on a track as twisty as VIR, but at turn one any notion of ill-handling was dispatched with 1.05 Gs of lateral grip. A 630-horsepower engine and sport-tuned suspension allowed this brute to wind through the switchback curves at an average of 122.2 mph, and the top speed recorded along the front straight was 155.6 mph.

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