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We are on a mission to attain a higher level or pre-owned inventory to offer our guests as many choices as possible.  Our best source for obtaining these vehicles is our current customer base. What better pre-owned car than the one that we know all of the history on, a local vehicle, that perhaps we have serviced for its whole life. Whether it is newer or older, low mileage or high mileage, our customers are looking for a wide array of vehicles. Give us a call today to find out more about our process. 

We use real-time market conditions, not just arbitrary book values to maximize the amount we can give you, without the hassle. If you have 30 minutes and can provide us with some preliminary information, we can evaluate your vehicle and give you a 72 hour guaranty with no obligation. Just make an appointment by phone or email using the links below. Keep in mind, there may be seasonal variables when we evaluate certain vehicles.

For whatever reason you need your vehicle sold we can assist. Remember, there is no obligation. As part of the Sonic Automotive family, with over 100 stores nationwide, we will give you a bid on just about anything with wheels. Don't hesitate, call or click now.

Getting Your Car Appraised at Mercedes-Benz of Denver
Things to Bring When You Sell Your Car to Mercedes-Benz of Denver