Protect your vehicle.  Find a protection plan that matches your needs.

Driving in a new vehicle is a great feeling. And there is nothing more frustrating than when your new vehicle is damaged. 
That is why Sonic Automotive offers additional services and extended warranties that may mitigate the risks, expenses and inconveniences associated with new car ownership. We will work with you to build a customized protection plan that fits the way you drive and the way you live so that your vehicle stands the test of time!

Watch the Gap!
Gap insurance is a critical concept to understand whether you buy, or lease a new vehicle. In the event that your car is stolen, or totaled in a collision, you will still be on the hook for making payments. Consider protecting yourself by purchasing gap insurance.


Ding Shield
Peace of mind is possible thanks to Ding Shield. Protect your vehicle's body paneling and paint from damage that can devalue your vehicle.


Key Care

With 24/7 service, you will always have access to your car in the event you misplace, or lose your keys.



LoJack is a theft recovery system that will help you get your vehicle back. With a vehicle recovery rate of 90 percent, it's the best in the industry.


Protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle with a variety of products that will keep your car fresh and sparkling!


Extended Service Plan

Extended services plans will reduce the amount you pay for repairs. Choose from a variety of plans that cover bumper-to-bumper, or just basic systems. With our plans, all you pay is the deductible - we cover the rest.

Tire & Wheel Protection:
Flat tires happen and damaged wheels can be costly to replace, that's why we offer 24-hour roadside towing for repairs.


Vehicle ID

In the event that your vehicle is stolen, Vehicle ID will help police find and return your vehicle.